Laments of a future expatriate

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I am a Christian and a liberal. Does that meke me a heretic? Raised in the Church of Christ, I am now in a Church of God orchestra. Does THAT make me a heretic? I am into vintage Buescher and King saxophones (especially baritones), chocolate cake, pre Vietnam jazz, yum neua, Coen Brothers, my son's under-11 soccer team the Mighty F-5s, Elvis Costello, tamales, SolidWorks, "Dead Like Me", and big, friendly, slobbery dogs. I am WAY into my wife, Kristi, and my son, Jackson. I love discourse with rational people, but generally get along with most decent people, even if their ideologies may be thoroughly daft. The greatest inventon of mankind is the air conditioner. The worst invention of mankind is Fox "News". I generally dislike second- and subsequent generation "money", Rush Limbaugh, Houston, TX, music you hear on the radio, bullies, cell phones and lawnmowers that do not self-propel and canteloupes.